Be Open…

Be Open… To opportunities. …wherever you are, …whenever you are, …whatever you are, be open and accepting of opportunities that may come your way. Example. I’ve been thinking about my belief in the Mind, Body, Spirit connection, as it relates as a part of my website; indeed as it relates as a part of my […]


After opening my private practice nearly a year ago, in March 2014, I’m quickly approaching my first year anniversary in private practice. After having two offices, one in Escondido and the other not far from the Mission Valley area of San Diego, I closed my San Diego office in June 2014, opting to focus fully […]

I’m a blogger ;-)

Welcome to my new blog! I’m very excited about the opportunity to share ideas and inspirations with you! Be sure to check in regularly to see what’s new. Speaking of new, I’m now pleased to offer two office sites, one in Escondido and the other in downtown San Diego. This is a very exciting move […]