As a therapist myself, I was intrigued by the use of EMDR. Being a parent of a tween, my buttons are getting pushed on a regular basis and my frustration was increasing. My triggers were getting the way of doing what I know is best for my child. Leslie’s style is supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental, which was instrumental feeling safe during the process. I was able to be vulnerable and honest about what was getting to me and as a team we identified specific challenges to address. I’m thrilled with how effective of a parent I can be now that I have turned the volume down on my unhelpful thoughts and increased the positive ones. I’m more grounded, patient and supportive of my son, our relationship is thriving and so is he. Thanks Leslie!


Leslie Campbell is a terrific therapist. She is very compassionate and sensitive to others’ needs, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help her clients. She visited me when I was in the hospital, and met with my mom and I when we were applying for benefits at the Social Security office. She is very easy to talk to, and very understanding. It has been a big help for me to have her as my therapist. She is very practical, focusing on what *can* be done instead of what can’t, and encourages me to take “baby steps” when trying to do something.


After 20 years of struggling with mental issues, my daughter found Leslie Campbell. As was not the case with a parade of others, Leslie cared enough to earn my daughter’s trust and finally, and most importantly, correctly diagnosed her. With proper medication she is so much better.

With a depth of understanding borne of many years working with those with mental diseases, Leslie Campbell is successful in helping patients in all aspects of their lives. With my daughter’s permission, she has met with me and my other children to help insure we are all informed and working together to be of assistance. Leslie Campbell has been an enormous blessing to our family.


As a professional with over 25 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist and supervisor of graduate students, I can fully recommend Leslie Campbell, LCSW for her professional expertise. Leslie has an extensive work history of compassionately and ethically treating adult clients with a wide variety of mental health issues. She takes her time to assess people and then proceeds with the best treatment method needed. Leslie recently completed an extensive EMDR training which is very helpful in treating trauma experiences. She continues to challenge herself, always wanting to offer the best therapy that she can.


Leslie Campbell, LCSW has provided effective, confidential, and compassionate consultation with numerous patients under my care. As a certified holistic nurse, being aware of the mind, body, emotion, and spirit connection is integrated within all of my patient care. When caring for patients challenged with psychological issues added to already complex physiological issues, I have found Ms. Campbell to be an invaluable resource.

Leslie brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and kindness that surpasses previous collaborators. Most importantly, Leslie has the ability to “listen” with a depth of focus and deep caring which within itself promotes healing. I am fortunate and grateful to have Ms. Campbell as my primary resource for patients challenged by behavioral health issues.

-B. DF.

Leslie Campbell is a compassionate person, whose warm personality and kind nature makes the therapy process comfortable. She helps you get through difficult times with her sense of humor and practical insight.


Leslie Campbell is a therapist with presence and humor. Her ability to bring together her great understanding of people’s individual stories and and her clinical skill is an effective combination for personal change and growth.


Leslie A. Campbell, LCSW

I find work on Communication styles and modes to be extremely helpful, as well as work on creating, developing, and enhancing coping skills to be of primary importance.

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