Thought of the Week 05.17.21 – 05.21.21 … a multi-part series

A question that is always good to ask yourself is, “Do you feel you have balance in your life?”

There are a lot of ways to find balance, i.e., in home life, work life, family life, friend life, leisure life, and I think we could go on for a very long time, making a very long list.

Why IS balance so important? I think that NOT having balance can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction in your life, indeed, a variety of aspects of your life.

Another question would be, “I’ve achieved balance! Am I done now?” And I think that that question is, generally, “No.” I don’t believe that we are ever completely done with life lessons and life goals, especially as nuanced as balance.

Feel free to write a message to me about YOUR balance, in YOUR life, what aspects you feel you have had greater successes and others you feel you have NOT had greater successes.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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