THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK 05.17.21 – 05.21.21 … a multi-part series

Is balance perfection? Could it be? Would it be? Should it be? Which brings me to one of my favored “quotes” or statements, or a blurted blurb, “coulda woulda shoulda.” One familiar quote that I do NOT favor is “should all over yourself.” 

I’m not a fan of shaming. Either other people, or yourself. Shame, I feel, does not belong in our human lexicon. Life is difficult enough without adding shame and negativity to the “difficult.”

So if we sit for a bit with the idea of “balance,” what does it mean? What should it mean? Balance, as with many things in life, is fluid. It ebbs and flows, with personal life taking front and center, and then, other times, work life steps forward for a while.

The most important thing is that it has to be changeable, variable, and, indeed…”fluid,” not PERFECT!

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