Thought of the Week 05.24.21 – 05.28.21 … A Multi-Part Series – Acceptance

“Accept what is, let go what was, and have faith in what will be.” – unknown.

I re-started my blog a little over two weeks ago and was inspired to share my two Life Lessons that have been my focus for probably, at least, 25 years. I think I mentioned the book “Many Lives, Many Masters” in a recent blog post, about reincarnation and the nature of living, with the “Masters” being described as elevated souls who reached a higher stage of being or enlightenment, and how I wanted to aspire to that. I wanted to become a “Master,” and one of the best ways to achieve that goal was to identify “life goals” to work on…concepts or ideas/actions that had proven ephemeral for me.

Let’s talk more about this this week in the Multi-Part Series – Acceptance.

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