Thought of the Week 05.16.21

Remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes — UNKNOWN

I imagine that a number of you are quite familiar with the concept, as it is something that I “preach” often, and try to live fully.

It is never easy to make a mistake, and society can teach us to berate ourselves and to beat ourselves up for mistakes made, but I have a different perspective, one I’ve shared often. Mistakes we have made can cause the most emotional pain, and maybe it is necessary to gain the “right” frame of reference and state of being to truly learn and change!

EMBRACE your mistakes as they are often the very best opportunities, indeed, gifts, to bring about the most profound change. I actually now call my mistakes (not that I make many at this “late” stage in life 😉 and view them as Life Gifts.

Now, it didn’t come easily, early, or effortlessly in my life – this “radical” mindset, but, instead, after much difficulty, much pain, and, certainly, much work to gain this way of thinking and living.

So, remember that a mistake is actually an opportunity, a chance, to move closer to becoming the person you WANT to be, the person you CAN be.

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