Executive Order 9066, the Internment of Japanese Americans

‪Seventy-five years ago today, President Franklin Roosevelt, via an Executive Order, authorized the incarceration of more than 100,000 persons of Japanese heritage, many of them American citizens. This Order was based more on racism than on national security, and is unconscionable, lacks honor, and is a shameful time in American history.‬

‪Now, our current President, Donald J. Trump seems to be embarking on the same dark path. Only, this time, it is people who identify as Muslim, who are being unfairly judged. ‬

‪Have we learned nothing from that shameful episode, 75 years ago today?

‪We must never become so inured to fear, hate, exclusion, and persecution of a group of people such as Japanese Americans, as in the past, or Muslims, currently. Instead, we should welcome, love, include and support people, because, THAT is who Americans really are.‬

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