Be Open…

Be Open…

To opportunities.

…wherever you are, …whenever you are, …whatever you are, be open and accepting of opportunities that may come your way.

Example. I’ve been thinking about my belief in the Mind, Body, Spirit connection, as it relates as a part of my website; indeed as it relates as a part of my life.

It’s so easy to get side-tracked, off your path, always saying, “tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow.” Well, as I was sitting at a local coffee place Tuesday morning, 05.17.16, I asked a young gentleman if I could join him at the only table with an empty chair. He said, “of course,” and I quietly checked in on my iPad, and chatted up an older gentleman I’d seen there before.

As we all sit there with our various electronic gadgets, talking about tablets, computers, cellphones, etc., asking general questions, as you do, such as “what do you do?,” etc, the older gentleman leaves and David (as I find out later is his name) and I branch out on conversational topics.

As he’s kindly asked me what I do (I tell him I’m a psychotherapist), I ask him what he does and he tells me about how he’s started his own business in San Diego, a company that sells local, sustainable, organic, vegetarian/vegan salads (when possible). Oh my gosh! I’ve been struggling with healthy eating and healthy living for a while now, making every (or at least, for me) effort, and feel, as a single woman in my 50s, I’m not likely to become a cooking wonder woman, so THIS SOUNDS PERFECT. Even better, they deliver as many salads as you’d like weekly.

Even MORE incredible, David starts talking about how he sees things as 360 degrees, and I pipe in, “me too,” i.e., Mind, Body, Spirit connection, and like a proper small business owner, show him my website. I tell him that I want to be healthier in both mind and body and spirit, and he tells me that he knows a really great person who’s wanting to branch out in his own small business as a personal trainer.

So… any number of words come to mind, kismet, destiny, fortuitous, serendipity (a word not thought of by me frequently, but used by a good friend in conversation, just yesterday). Coincidence?

Stay tuned for what happens next!

Be Open…

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  1. Leslie- sounds like you were open to the opportunities that were around you to make this happen! As a CBT person myself, of course I wouldn’t chalk it up to destiny, rather what you focus on expands. One of the characteristics I’ve consistently noticed in your work is suspension of judgment paired with an openness to new ways of thinking about things. Clearly it’s benefits you!

    karen kerschmann November 16, 2016 at 9:32 pm #

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