How to Deal with Changing Times

2016 was Quite the Year

On January 3, 2017, eight weeks will have passed since the US General Election was held. America voted in a new President, Vice-President, and a multitude of Representatives and Senators. Soon, the Republican Party will control the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and likely, the Judicial Branch.

Because I don’t feel it’s appropriate or my place as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to be overtly political, I’m not going to BE overtly political.

Yet, having worked 20 years in social services as my life’s work, it is probably clear that I have a very strong social justice/advocacy/human rights bent.

I have spent 20 years working with society’s underserved, underrepresented, under-appreciated, and under-recognized. Many live in subcultures of near invisibility. I cannot accept their continued marginalization on any level.

Therefore, I’m not about to stop doing everything I can to be a voice for these people. We must all do our best to hold our elected government officials accountable.

Social Advocacy and Activism

As a social advocate, with much of my life working within social services, I believe it’s time to step out of my comfort zone; indeed, it’s time for ALL of us to step out of our comfort zone.

Some people say “my vote doesn’t matter,” but I believe that one voice, one vote, is powerful. Grassroots movements, activities, and organizations are powerful, and real change can come from these directions.

I’ve struggled with dismay and a sense of fear about the direction our Country appears to be heading. I cannot sit back and do nothing.

Consequently, social media, including Facebook, has many excellent resources on taking steps to make a difference. And how to make an impact in the next four years and beyond. I suggest that you check them out.

Take Action

I’ve taken my first step and put my money where my mouth is, making donations to organizations that align with my beliefs. I’m also exploring volunteerism as another form of social activism.

Finally, ultimately, I encourage everyone to become more involved in their chosen political party. We elected these politicians to serve us, our desires and needs, not their own agendas. There are so many ways to become involved. Become empowered! Pick one!

Activism, HERE WE COME!!!

How to Deal with Changing Times

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  1. Hi Leslie-

    So nice to see other therapists addressing the ‘what if’s’ in our world right now. There’s a lot we can control and things we can’t- I published an article a few weeks ago about how to manage the anxiety of the unknowns. Please continue to share your thoughts!

    Karen Kerschmann February 6, 2017 at 7:03 pm #

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